Data Harbor Experience / University of Iowa

University of Iowa

University of Iowa is dedicated to improving the future of agriculture by leveraging science and innovative technologies to improve yields, water and resource management and sustainability.

The Situation

University of Iowa’s field locations are varied and many are located in rural agricultural areas. The distance from accessible networks, power and labor make monitoring resource levels and managing controls a challenge for their research teams.

Data Harbor was tasked with giving University of Iowa’s teams real-time access to specific data points across a large agricultural region in a desert of connectivity.

Our Solution:

Data Harbor worked directly with UoI’s project team to understand the necessary metrics and identify the limiting factors to overcome. Our engineers developed a plan which integrated network transmitters and reliable level and flow monitoring sensors to give UoI full access to every important data point and full, real-time visual oversight and control on resource status.

Agriculture remote data monitoring

A Remote Data Monitoring provider like Data Harbor offers much more than a system and hardware, we bring a higher level of support which makes the ultimate difference in success. Data Harbor is different because of our customization planning and incredible focus on client requirements.