Data Harbor offers high-performance, flexible and cost-effective remote water meter systems and devices built for industrial, residential and commercial application.

Remote Water Meters.

Data Harbor offers a full system solution for remote water meter management.

The Data Harbor system includes a software platform to view and manage information, the network gateway to provide data traffic, and also the field water meter devices to generate data to the network.

Each wireless water meter device simply and seamlessly connects to the network and automatically begins to report water usage data.

In most cases, a quick scan of a QR code is all that’s needed and makes it very easy for anyone to accomplish.

Remote Water Meter Monitoring Technology.

Our innovative in-field water meters measure and send data to a dashboard customized for your needs.

Data Harbor offers a full system solution for remote device management. This system includes a software platform to view and manage information, the network gateway to provide data traffic, and also the field devices to monitor your applications and generate data to the network.

remote lora wan network diagram data harbor

Our Service makes the difference.

Data Harbor goes beyond remote water meter technology and devices. We plan customized systems for our clients’ applications and help with installation or we can do it for you.

Many companies offer remote data monitoring systems in packages with a few supporting documents and ask you to do the rest. Data Harbor is different. We assess our client’s unique needs and goals, then we follow a process built to identify proper device type and distribution based on the application. For many clients, we line up and manage the installation team to ensure the system is running perfectly. Finally, we help ensure all software and application interfaces are operational and fully understood.

Of course, we stand by and back our clients up with any service needs they have for the life of their monitoring projects.

Data Harbor goes beyond the sale and services our clients from start to finish.

Data Harbor goes beyond the sale – we serve our clients from start to finish.

Data Harbor Process.

A remote water meter system can deliver amazing gains in efficiency and demonstrable ROI but it must fit your needs to achieve this.

Providers of “out-of-the-box” remote water meter monitoring packages might offer the devices but fall far short on support and offer virtually no customization. It’s no wonder many of these systems can’t live up the anticipated goals of remote water meter monitoring.

Data Harbor’s process and customized solutions resolve all these pitfalls. Our process ensures our clients have the system they need, customized for their applications, delivering the data they expect and making the difference they demand.

1. Project Audit:

Data Harbor puts time into hearing about your needs, goals and challenges with your remote water meter ideas. We discuss and answer any questions you have and remain open to all ideas for customization.

2. Solution:

After a high-level overview and goal set is agreed on Data Harbor plans and engages key individuals within our client’s organization to obtain the application specifics and location information for the remote monitoring project. Any other due diligence is performed in this step. After this system is complete Data Harbor is able to send our clients a detailed description and plan for their customized system, devices and connection needs.

3. Buildout:

The Data Harbor team builds out and optimizes the client’s customized water meters and preprovisioning solution. This doesn’t stop with equipment and hardware – this includes documents and supporting instructions, videos, and any other resources needed to ensure installation success.

4. Setup:

Most clients install their own systems and The Data Harbor team stands ready to support them through the whole process. Many clients have Data Harbor network teams install the system in its entirety. Our installation teams, led by experienced field technicians, promise professional and placement-perfect installation along with rapid troubleshooting.

5. Support:

From beginning to end, Data Harbor’s team follows client-focused procedures to ensure our clients never feel abandoned or without help when they need it most. We offer field expertise and technology support for planning, customization, installation and ongoing management and maintenance.

A Remote Data Monitoring provider like Data Harbor offers much more than a system and hardware, we offer the larger supports that make the ultimate difference in success. Data Harbor is different because of our customization planning and incredible focus on client requirements.

Data Harbor Platform.

Data Harbor’s monitoring platform is simple and easy to use. Our platform is cloud based and allows our clients to use our app on their phone or desktop to monitor one or hundreds of devices and locations.

Data Harbor’s platform offers actionable alerts and notifications. You can use basic alerts or customize and configure your own alerts and receive them through text message and/or email at times of your choosing. Data Harbor’s platform even allows you to provide the corrective actions to take when specific events occur right inside the app.

Our platform allows you to integrate and send data seamlessly to a variety of 3rd party apps and services such as AWS, Zendesk Azure and many more.

Our platform offers highly adaptable reporting. Regulatory, summary and corrective action reports are available daily, weekly, monthly or any date range you specify.

For customers who install themselves our system provides a quick and easy installation process which usually follows 3 simple steps. Scan a QR code, place or install the device, and start monitoring the data.

Remote Monitoring Applications

The sky is truly the limit for Data Harbor’s capabilities. Many of our clients have a unique need but find we are able to offer them so much more than they had imagined.

From environmental monitoring to utilities to panic alert systems, Data Harbor can offer you the remote eyes and controls you need to reach any goal your organization needs.

  • Water usage monitoring
  • Electricity usage monitoring
  • Air flow monitoring
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Parking monitoring
  • Refrigeration monitoring
  • Garbage can monitoring
  • Motion detection monitoring
  • Door monitoring
  • Service requests monitoring
  • Smoke detection monitoring
  • Panic alerts monitoring
  • Leak detection monitoring
  • Gas monitoring
  • Survey monitoring
  • Tank Level monitoring
  • Ambient temperature monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Outdoor temperature monitoring
  • Much more.

Want to know if Data Harbor has a solution for your application? Schedule a consultation now and let our team of field experts provide you an answer.


Do I need to plan and install the wireless water sub metering system?
No. If you or your team are comfortable with the process or have experience, Data Harbor provides ample direction and documentation to help you install your own systems. However, if you’d rather have an expert team perform the installation Data Harbor can provide you with a qualified team to install your custom wireless water meter system.
Which network do these wireless water meters and utility meters operate on?
All Data Harbor’s wireless water meters and utility meters operate on the LoRa network and through LoRa enabled and compatible gateways. LoRa is one of the most widely supported and easy=to-integrate networks available.
Can I receive support while I install my wireless water submeter?
Of course! Data Harbor is ready and waiting to offer phone, in-person and documented assistance for any installation questions you encounter. Our team has over 30 years of experience in water, water meters, water submeters, wireless devices and IOT installation and more.
Does Data Harbor only offer wireless water meters?
Data Harbor can plan and install wireless and cellular networks to monitor water usage and flows, utility meter data, bin levels, pressures, temperatures, interior and exterior environments and much much more. Our strenth is in our ability to customize a solution for your exact needs!
Do I need to have a WiFi network to use Data Harbor's wireless water submetering?
Not at all. While many customers use their location’s wireless network we can easily set up a system to use cellular networks to transmit water and utility meter data.
Can Data Harbor monitor remote water meters?
Yes, Data Harbor can use cellular network transmission and can monitor and transmit any water meter or utility meter data through the cellular network. If you can use a cell phone at your location, you can transmit data with Data Harbor’s custom submetering systems.