The Platform

Data Harbor’s cutting-edge platform and remote data management solution is everything you’ll ever need to run high-performance remote data monitoring systems at any scale.

Data Harbor Platform


Data Harbor’s technology stack allows our clients to easily setup and run sophisticated remote monitoring systems on any current or new infrastructure.

Device Connectivity Gateway

Keeps secure connections with devices that support HTTP and MQTT protocols, and it receives traffic from LoRa Network Servers as well as data streams from other IoT Clouds.

Serverless Engine

Function as a service (FaaS), also known as all-purpose serverless computing, offers online editing capabilities, codecs, and integrations. It simplifies the deployment of integration functions by decoding and normalizing uplink device data and encoding downlink commands.

Device Management

Manage device registry, configuration, provisioning, and scheduling and batching of FOTA updates. Devices can be easily de-registered and re-registered via LNS Switch. Stores LoRaWAN keys and SSL/TLS certificates and provides access to real-time data insights.


Delivering industry-leading performance with its ability to store large volumes of data, allowing for easy querying of billions of rows of both telemetric and historical data. Data streaming processing engine enables fast ingest of millions of data points per second, while also providing both vertical and horizontal scalability.

Rules Engine

Our rules engine is both scalable and advanced, providing various conditions and actions that can be configured to meet specific needs. Furthermore, our integrations are designed to work seamlessly with the rules engine.

Identity Provider

Our authentication and authorization system supports a range of protocols, including OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. It also allows for external User Federation using LDAP and Active Directory, as well as external identity providers such as Google and Microsoft’s Idp. Additionally, it provides enterprise-grade user management capabilities and supports SSO SAML.


It offers support for both web and native iOS and Android applications, along with multi-tenant capabilities. Additionally, its REST API can be leveraged to extend the application’s features.


Setting up and configuring integrations requires minimal effort. Connectors allow for data to be sent to third-party applications such as Arm, Azure, Salesforce, Tableau, and more for purposes such as visualization, reporting analytics, BI, machine learning, and business workflows. Additionally, users can build their own data connector and integration using our REST API.

Data Harbor Platform

Our App

With incredibly fast setup, configuration and support, Data Harbor’s clients have full visual control over their data in the palm of their hands. 

Easy Install

  • Pre-provisioned sensors ready to deploy
  • Scan QR code to add sensors in the app
  • Immediately capture sensor data

Device Configuration

  • Remotely manage device configurations from mobile app or dashboard
  • Works with downlink command devices
  • Store downlink commands and settings


  • Drag and drop devices and widgets to create custom dashboards
  • Customizable widgets
  • Share dashboards with your team or customers

Remote Monitoring

  • App and web dashboard to monitor sensors from anywhere
  • Manage one or hundreds of locations
  • Real-time device and alert status

Alerts & Work Orders

  • Receive text and email alerts
  • Threshold alert settings
  • Create work orders in your platform

Connect your Stack

  • Send data any to CMMS, EMS, BMS and more
  • Connect to PowerBI, Tableau, or any data analytics program
  • Send to any system via webhooks

Conspire for Good

  • Invite team members
  • Multi-tenancy available
  • Share dashboards
Remote data monitoring integrations

Data Harbor Platform


Connecting to 3rd party toolsets and external platforms is secure and simple. Send data, trigger alerts, initiate workflows. Data Harbor’s single API connects to any industrial system.

Eliminate the tedious configuration of multiple data structures, protocols and data translators.

Data Harbor Platform

Remote Devices and Sensors

Data Harbor’s platform can integrate with existing systems and offers an incredible array of sensors to monitor any data our clients need to manage. We work with our clients to plan their systems and select the ideal sensors and hardware for their applications. We source, procure, inventory and pre-prep the sensors from any hardware manufacturer that provides the best match to your requirements. Out of the box We design, build and provide hardware and sensor systems customized to get your data flowing quickly and without hassle by configuring the devices before they’re shipping to you.
Remote monitoring devices
Sensor Application Categories
acceleration contact gps ph-monitoring siren trap
activity current humidity plug smoke-detector uv
adc datalogger leak pm2.5 microcontroller vibration
air-pressure dendrometer level power-outlet soil-moisture waste-bin
air-quality-station desk light predictive-maintenance solar water-leak
ambiance differential-pressure liquid-level pressure sound water-level
asset-management displacement locator pulse sub-meter water-meter
beacon distance modbus push-button switch weather-station
button door motion radiation tank-level weighing-scale
bvs-valve dry-contact occupancy rain-gouge temperature weight
co event-counter open/close rat-trap thermocouple wind
co2 flow-meter panic room-occupancy tilt window
condition-monitoring gpio parking satisfaction-terminal tracker

A Remote Data Monitoring provider like Data Harbor offers much more than a system and hardware, we bring a higher level of support which makes the ultimate difference in success. Data Harbor is different because of our customization planning and incredible focus on client requirements.