Data Harbor Experience / Gaylord Palms Resort


Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its guests through 4.5 acres of upscale atriums, restaurants, bars and a world-class spa with over 500,000 sq ft of meeting space and 1,718 guest rooms.

The Challenge:

Gaylord Palms Resort’s guests enjoy a resort experience like no other. Delivering this one-of-a-kind encounter day after day requires a highly experienced staff and a resort infrastructure that is robust, accurate and accessible. Gaylord Palms Resort lacked necessary levels of data accuracy resulting in heavy excess labor expenses and unnecessary safety risks.

Our Approach:

We collaborated with the DOE (Director of Engineering) on a custom implementation strategy and remote monitoring system that enabled the resort to reduce labor, improve safety, and access their data metrics through an accurate and secure online remote data monitoring platform.

An expansive resort calls for a custom strategy.

Gaylord’s impressive footprint called for a system capable of both retrofit and additional resources to accomplish their goals. Multiple integrated technologies were leveraged to achieve this feat. Delivering a remote monitoring system that allows granular visibility and analysis of resources across this wide array of services demands a custom plan and trusted hardware. We were tasked with providing a robust system able to capture a wide range of data points and integrate with existing measurement tools and processes while simultaneously eliminating manual data reporting and improving safety.

Experience and process delivers:

We quickly developed a roadmap for engagement and assessed the existing systems to understand their limitations and requirements. Our engineering team identified key parameters for monitoring and scoped future expansion needs and then made strategic recommendations for hardware and tools to meet the project requirements. We produced an implementation plan based on results from our feasibility study and then sent our field experts onsite to oversee installation and ensure the accurate configuration of the system and conduct real-time testing and monitoring. We trained resort staff and stood by while monitoring was implemented to assist with any additional customization requests.

Results across the board:

  • Short and long-term planning for monitoring success and future growth.
  • Device and monitoring tools provisioned specifically for Gaylord Resort’s existing systems and highly scalable for evolving needs
  • Vast remote visibility on key data points throughout Gaylord Resort’s layout
  • True remote management over Data Harbor system
  • 100% reduction of manual data recording processes achieving primary safety objective by Gaylord Resort
  • Labor savings and elimination of human error when recording data

Additional Wins:

  • Efficiency gains were achieved through real-time monitoring. As a result of their new monitoring system, Gaylord Resort engineering was able to identify and eliminate multiple waste factors throughout their system and fine-tune allocations as needed.
  • Newfound trust between management and staff as manual reporting efforts were eliminated and safety risks were reduced.

“We tasked Data Harbor with a significant challenge, to deliver a remote monitoring system that gave us the visibility, control and safety objectives we required while being able to work with our existing system’s hurdles, limitations and size. The Data Harbor team more than delivered on their promises, they went well beyond our expectations meeting all project objectives and then some. We have the full control we needed, a system we are already expanding on, and the safety improvements we needed for our staff.”

Installing and testing connectivity and transmission of data

A Remote Data Monitoring provider like Data Harbor offers much more than a system and hardware, we bring a higher level of support which makes the ultimate difference in success. Data Harbor is different because of our customization planning and incredible focus on client requirements.